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Tilt Films Logo

Tilt Films is an independent production company dedicated to showcasing bold, intelligent, ambitious filmmaking.

Collaborating with international and UK talent to create authored cinema with commercial appeal.


Sophie Neave is an independent film producer with experience working across UK, Europe, and Latin America, from development roles to physical production and post. In 2010 she joined Revolution Films, moving on to set up Tilt in 2014 with the aim to develop and produce ambitious, distinctive films that present audiences with something unique.

Connecting across the creative industries, Tilt Films forms partnerships through film, music and art, seeking out filmmakers that have a commitment to pushing the boundaries in storytelling and subject matter.  The company is currently in development on a diverse slate of feature projects, working with talent across countries including the UK, US, Colombia, Spain, and Senegal. We want to make films that travel.


UK / Spain
   +34 605 532 365

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